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We Officially Have Chaos In The Bubble With The Blazers Taking Game 1!!

Joe Murphy. Getty Images.

Holy shit they actually did it! Day 2 of the bubble playoffs just brought us not one, but two 8 seeds coming out with wins. That's pretty bananas if you ask me. That's what makes this bubble playoffs so intriguing, it is genuinely wide open. Did the Blazers look scared to you at all in that game? Hell no. Damian Lillard isn't afraid of the big bad LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They took it from the Lakers right from the jump and never took their foot off the gas. Even going something ridiculous like 1/15 in a quarter couldn't even keep them down. Once it came time to win the game Damian Lillard showed up and started making it rain from the logo, his teammates followed suit and made huge late threes, and here we are with the Blazers having a 1-0 lead. That looked like a team that believes it can win 3 more times.

Now just like the Bucks series, let's take a deep breath. The Lakers are still OK. LeBron has never lost in the first round in his entire career. But you know what? It has to happen sometime. I didn't see any sort of answer for either Blazer guards defensively on the perimeter, the Lakers size isn't an issue since the Blazers have just as much, and this Portland team can fucking shoot. 

You can pump 7 of these bad boys directly into my veins. Both title Finals favorites going down in the same day. We officially have chaos. I can't wait for Day 3.