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These Two People Were In An All-Time Battle For A Bus Window. Who Has The Right To This Window?

First things first, I LOVE both of these people. This is just an absolute war of attrition, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Hearns-Hagler or maybe even The Somme. Both people absolutely unrelenting. Neither flinched. And...neither crossed the line. Their feud didn't disturb the rest of the bus. That is my threshold. As soon as someone gets loud or violent and makes their problem my problem I instantly hate everyone involved. These two just quietly went about their battle. If you were in the front of the bus you never even knew about this feat of endurance. 

Here is the question though...who has the right to that window? I've watched the video probably 5 times now and I can't decide. Proximity tells you it's the woman there. Her seat, her window. If this were an airplane and a guy reached from the row behind to fuck with a person's window the row in front he should be immediately added to a no-fly list. There's been times when I am on a flight in the morning after let's say a long night and the sun is shining directly into my retina to the point that the hangover becomes a migraine. There's nothing I can do in that situation. Your row, your window. Here though...I am not so sure. This guy is sitting higher. He has all the benefits of the window. He gets that breeze. Heat rises. It's possible that his seat is legit another 2-3degrees warmer and that makes all the difference. No AC on that bus. He's stewing his juices. He needs that breeze. It's his breeze. He can't get that breeze by opening the window slightly to his left. He is the only one who can benefit from that air flow so that kind of makes the window his. The woman doesn't get any of those breeze benefits. All she gets from that is potentially messed up hair and street noise. I am really torn. Who ya got