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Advanced Analytics: TNT Has To Drop Audio The Most When Melo Is On The Court Because He Keeps Screaming 'Fuck Outta Here' On Rebounds

Just an absolute preposterous thing to not only research but then have a stat like it's on basketball reference. That's why I love it. It makes no sense that someone dove into this research but I'm pretty happy they did.  Carmelo has been somewhat of a punching bag for people that just don’t like his game. He’s not the most efficient player in the game. He takes some bad shots. He didn’t bring the Knicks to the promise land like some thought when he signed. But when it comes to screaming 'fuck outta here' when he grabs a rebound? There's no one more efficient in the game than him. 

I still hate that channels are blocking out swearing. This is where we should have had two channels - one with unedited, able to hear the players talk and then the edited one. Not like there's new shit on TV so no one is missing out on anything anyways. One of the best things without having fans is having clearer access to athletes and how they are on the court/field/ice. I want to hear dudes talking shit. I want to hear the arguing with refs. I want to hear them calling out defensive rotations and everything. 

Can we at least get this for the NBA Finals? Feel like we deserve at least that.