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Start Your Wednesday With Some Culture And Watch A Woman Play The Theme Song From X-Men: The Animated Series On 8 Cellos

Me after hearing this and finishing my morning cup of coffee:

Giphy Images.

When robot historians look back at humanity centuries from now after the remnants of the Man vs. Machine war settle, I'm pretty sure they will say mankind peaked with either the X-Men cartoon or the internet videos of one person combining a bunch of different clips to create a song. You could lock Mozart and Beethoven in a room during both of their respective peaks and not come up with a melody as beautiful as this one woman orchestra could pump out. 

So I am going to go ahead and say this video combining maybe a Hall of Fame song and a Hall of Fame internet movement is as high society as homo sapiens, as well as any future mutations of our genus and species, will ever be able to reach. Unless you consider any of these masterpieces to be more accomplished pieces of art, which I would have truly no problem with.

h/t Shayne and Troy