Coach Cal Wants A Bubble Featuring UK, Duke, Kansas And MSU Because 'Players Want To Play And Coaches Want To Coach'

The genius strikes again! Oh we don't know if there will be a Champions Classic, so let me toss out this idea of a Champions Bubble. I love it. A round robin featuring these teams? All four gonna be ranked in the top-15/20 come preseason. That's the quickest yep give us these four teams playing 3 games in a bubble. 

Just goes to show you that as long as you're relevant and not a bunch of dickheads Coach Cal will play you anytime, anywhere. How many other coaches would throw out the idea of a bubble with 3 top-20 teams? None. That's what makes Coach Cal the best. He'll come up with all the ideas that college basketball needs. Hell, his idea of the AAU-type set up for a conference tournament is being used by C-USA. Now he'll save us in the coronavirus world. 

His quote does bring something up though. Players want to play. That's one thing that everyone has sort of glossed over during this. Why aren't we discussing anything with the players?  Yes, they aren't the ones making the call or in charge of money like commissioners are. But, hear me out here, maybe we get them involved in discussions? If they want to play and are willing to adapt to certain things, we could move forward easier. 


All I know is if this bubble happens, I'm more than happy to be a part of it. Actually, I need to be a part of it. Give me Champions Classic bubble life. Just me and Coach Cal, figuring out how to save college hoops.