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Chase Young Has 1 Practice In The Books And It's Safe To Say He's Going To Be A Problem


Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. There, I got all the haters "points" out of the way because in reality, Chase Young just tossed a 6'6, 315 pound OL around like a sack of potatoes. I think we can conservatively say Chase will be good for triple digit sacks this season. "But Nate, he was lined up in run"...even better. Can't do anything vs Chase. I think I speak for the football Hall of Fame when I say he is the most complete player I've ever seen. I'm sweating.

It's actually nuts that we are less than a month away from week 1. No OTAs, no preseason games, I actually love this shit. We're going 0->100 as quickly as possible, full throttle, all gas no brakes. We just have to hope these guys all stay fucking healthy. Or maybe less time on the field eliminates time they can hurt themselves? That's a spin zone I don't mind.

Also, quick Alex Smith update:



He's just a miracle, man. It's crazy. I want to meet him but I don't even know what I'd say. I'm sure he wouldn't want anyone gushing or telling him how inspiring he is because he just wants to be treated normally, but man, what a fucking inspiration. I cannot get over it, and nor should we, it's simply remarkable.