Video: Saudi Dude Takes A Whale Shark For A Spin

NOPE! Nope nope nope nope NOPE!!! Fucking lunatic. 

I have quick a question... you have the whale, the shark, and the whale shark. The whale goes with other whales. So who's having sex with the shark? 

Whatever's having sex with the shark... that's perverse!!! 

Anyways I don't know if whale sharks are docile or take on more of the "shark" traits we all know and are terrified of, but it doesn't matter. Motherfuckers are as big as a school bus (literally):

And for that reason, I'm out on whale sharks and any other animal that can swallow you whole in a one small gulp. I mean part of me wanted to see this dude pulling a Pecos Bill on an animal that weighs around 20 tons to get swallowed whole just so he learns his lesson. I wouldn't have watched it because I'm a huge pussy with a weak stomach, but if I heard that this dude got eaten by this whale shark I would have said, "serves him right. That's what he gets for riding on his back like an asshole." 

That said, there are a lot of fun facts about whale sharks. You know who likes fun facts? Everybody. So here are a few to tickle your fancy:

- whale sharks can way up to 20 tons like I said
- whale sharks can grow to a length of 40 feet, but on average grow to about 30-32 feet
- whale sharks mouths are typically around 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall
- whale sharks are solitary creatures and not territorial
- whale sharks don't rip apart their prey, they swallow a bunch of water and their body filters out food from waste
- whale sharks are omnivores that feed on both algae, shrimp, tuna, and mackerals
- whale sharks can't have offspring until they're about 25 years old, and can live up to 150 years old
- whale sharks are considered endangered, as they're population in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans have decreased around 63% in the last 75 years

And that was talking whale sharks. They actually seem like pretty good dudes after digging into em a little bit, no pun intended. Still, this dude riding one is a complete psychopath