Reminder: Nothing Good Comes Out Of Training Camp

This is pretty much an annual message I put out every year to temper everyone's expectations as we all cum ourselves over watching superhumans practice in pads for the first time since February. I know that given the last 6 months of sports constantly getting plucked of our grubby little hands by that dickhead covid, some people would say we need any semblance of football more than ever. But despite all that, I am begging everyone to properly treat training camp as a necessary part of the NFL offseason to be feared instead of loved. Of course you can dream big about the rookies your team drafted running drills in half speed, get excited that every player somehow allegedly showed up to camp in the best shape of their lives, and even have an unknown player come out of NOWHERE during the dog days of August to later become a 2nd Team All-Pro and Super Bowl Champion.

But I am here to be Clemmy Downer and tell you that all the highs that come from players practicing are not nearly equal to the lows of the first time a cart comes out to pick up a player. Is it an ACL? MCL? Cramps? The team trying to get a player inside before thunderstorms arrive? Those hours of waiting for a diagnosis feel like years as entire fanbases go into their Twitter bomb shelters while expecting the worse. If a player looks good in training camp, all the haters will say it's just training camp. If a player looks bad in training camp, all the haters will say he stinks. And the guys you are targeting in fantasy can only help their draft stock in your opponents eyes or hurt their stock in your eyes depending on a few weeks of practice. 

So I am here to tell you to try to pump the brakes, not get too excited about the fool's gold that is training camp, and hope for the regular season to get here ASAP while also telling you that I know you are going to ignore this advice because watching videos of your favorite players like this completely nondescript, boring video has made me feel better than pretty much any drug in the world could do.

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