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Group Of People Get "Stuck" On Upright Drawbridge Over Chicago River

I don't know the validity of them getting stuck up there as the account that posted the video also posted this:

But, I'd imagine it's pretty fucking hard to get "stuck". If you hear that thing ringing and feel it starting to move then you have to Carl Lewis your ass out of there as DannyBoyCane would say. Hell, even Verne was able to beat the clock and that was against a high powered locomotive

The video in itself actually made my stomach turn though. Felt like watching Jack & Rose at the top of the Titanic or one of those vidoes where those weirdos hang off of cranes on skyscrapers. I don't know how many of these people have seen the documentary "The Bridge", but jumping in the river from that height could potentially be the equivalent of putting your hand in a shredder. Not even to mention the fact that if those are up all night then they have a longggg time up there ahead of them unless they want to scale it down.

Eh, whatever though. Not my problem I guess.