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Is This The Softest Ejection In NBA History?

Earlier in the game, Kristaps was give a technical foul for this...

Then, Marcus Morris gave Luka a little guff. Not a whole heap of guff. Your standard amount of Marcus Morris guff. And, seeing as it's the playoffs, a scrum emerged in response to said guff. 

Kristaps was given his second technical foul for... uhh... boy am I stumped. As are other NBA who have appeared in hundreds of playoff games throughout their respective careers.

It's a terrible call. Much like the first one. Kristaps barely reacted to that clean block which was called a foul. The Mavericks instantly lost the lead after Porzingis was tossed. I don't think the Clippers need extra help to beat the Mavericks. But to get put into a 0-1 hole could be a difference maker in such a short series. Kristaps was being a good teammate. A full fledged brawl didn't erupt. He stood up for his superstar teammate. That should be rewarded in our society, not punished. Meanwhile as I'm writing Steve Javie popped up out of his refereeing bunker to say this was the right call. Shut up, narc. 

As for Marcus Morris... this is what he does. Him and Patrick Beverley are absolute wild cards for the Clippers. They live to get underneath their opponents' skin and will be involved in many more altercations before these playoffs are over. Mook did his job here getting Porzingis ejected in a move that likely swung this game firmly in LA's favor. Granted, there's still time left, the Mavericks could still win, but people aren't watching to see the refs toss All Star level players from a marquee matchup. We just wanna watch the best athletes in the world hoop at the highest level. If some shoving breaks out, no one's going to call the cops. Well, maybe Chris Paul, but seeing as he isn't on the Clippers anymore I don't think that should have been taken into consideration for this game.