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Wake Up With Sean Casey Smoking Billy Ripken In The Face

I love MLB Network. It's basically the only thing I watch on TV that isn't an Orioles game lately. The personalities they have on set are the best. Ton of information they spit out at you, and its not driven by analytical stats that make 0 sense. For baseball fans it's all must see stuff, except Mad Dog who just yells. This stuff above is why they're the best. Sean Casey and Billy Ripken doing a hitting drill where Casey tries to go opposite field. First swing he gets it, perfect. Ripken sees the first swing and thinks he's in the clear. Casey even says "you're safe". Literally a second later Casey RIPS one right back up the middle and the wiffleball smacks Billy right in the kisser. Those wiffleballs sting like a son of a bitch too. Ripken just ate it though, you know he wanted to rub it, but didn't. That's the toughness and grittiness that the Ripkens showed off.