Warning: Nathan MacKinnon Is A Very Bad Man

I can't think of many things scarier than staring down a pissed off Nathan MacKinnon as he's ragdolling you all across the ice. Perhaps the only thing scarier would be when Nathan MacKinnon is flying down your way with the puck and a full head of steam. No matter what, you are very much fucked in either scenario. 

You can just go ahead and mark me down as a "no thank you" to either one of those things. But poor Christian Fischer found himself on the wrong end of Nathan MacKinnon's clutch earlier tonight. While the Avs were beating the shit out of the 'Yotes on the scoreboard, Nate Dogg decided to keep the beatdown rolling. So a little warning to the rest of the league out there--if there is ever a time to hit Cale Makar from behind like that dickhead Lawson Crouse, make sure that Nasty Nate isn't on the ice. Because if he did, you just signed one of your teammates up for a quick 4-year stay at Ragdoll University. 

Hey, Fischer. Might want to break out the pen and paper here to take some notes from Matt Calvert. 

7-1 final. Big time sheeeeeeeeeesh. Oh, and speaking of Makar…

If the 'Yotes are a wagon, I suppose that means the 'Lanche are a train.