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Saint LB Nigel Bradham Stupidly Says His Former Team in Philly is Not a Winning Organization. Bradham Won a Super Bowl in Philly in 2018

Is this the most idiotic quote that an athlete has ever said? What does this even mean? You're happy to finally be at a team that is known for being in the postseason? Nigel, buddy, you went to the postseason each season for the past 3 years. You won a fucking super bowl. I mean what more do you want? I get it the Saints are a good organization that's true, but saying that Philly isn't is just blatantly false.

I for one LOVE to see some bulletin board material like this on August 17th. The NFL is fucking back. The boys are going to have this bitch edged into their brain for months. Do you think anyone's gonna forget about this on December 13th when the Saints come into Philly? No shot. Nigel will be getting a whole bunch of shit all game and I need to hear the audio. Damn do I miss football.