This Kid Came Way Too Close To Getting His Ass Bitten Off By A Bull Shark

There's just no way THIS is what he had in mind when they told the rest of the people on the boat what they were aiming to do.  First of all, I'd love to know the reasoning behind them trying to tail rope this giant Bull Shark.  I've caught hundreds of Bull Sharks and never once put a tail rope on them for any reason.  You can leader them and look at the fish as much as possible without needing any extra holds on them, and honestly restraining their tail normally makes them more dangerous and pissed.  The only other reason I could think of is to kill it and eat it and that seems even more absurd!  Unless you are Tom Hanks stranded on an island in Castaway, you really don't need to eat a big Bull Shark like that for any reason at all.  I can't even imagine wanting to put that in your mouth it must taste disgusting. 

Getting bit is actually a lot easier than you might imagine... (17:11 - watch at your own risk)