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This Baby Silky Shark Is The Cutest Thing You Will See All Day

Look at this cute little shit.  Just a little chicken nugget in the shape of the ocean's coolest predator.  Silky Sharks get huge and are extremely powerful, but this little girl? She is just here to get some chunks of Bonita and hang out for a little bit.  Just talk to a few people and shake a couple hands and be on her way back to the depths.  Nothing mean or evil, just a little shark in a big world trying to get by.  I hope she is having a great day where ever this gorgeous little creature finds itself at right now.  In a year of bad news and shitty breaks, I don't think its hurts to take a second and appreciate the cuter things in life a little bit more.  Look at this TINY Silky spotted by Annie Guttridge!

Just the purest little mini-eating machine there is, learning the world one bit at a time.  Ok back to the normal internet... 

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