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Jimmy Johnson Says Former CFL Coach Marc Trestman Will Be New Coach Of The Bears, Media Watchdog Big Cat Thinks Otherwise


First of all since when did Jimmy Johnson become a news source? I thought his job was to laugh at Terry Bradshaw jokes and fish for Marlin off the keys. Bizarre stuff. Either way if Jimmy Johnson is a news breaker now, then he’s opening himself up to being watchdogged. And my first order of business is calling bullshit on this whole thing.


Now that doesn’t mean Trestman won’t get the job, he very well might, but there’s no way he’s been hired as of this morning. Jimmy Johnson is basically throwing shit against the wall 4 days early and hoping it sticks. He’s Steve Burton with the NHL lockout. He knows that he’s not a news guy so he thinks he can just float a rumor and if he’s right get all the credit and if he’s wrong everyone will forget it. Well Jimmy, not on my watch bro. You’re on the record. If Trestman isn’t announced Head Coach today you’re fucking out. Next week doesn’t count. Because if he’s announced next week it proves that you were just going off rumors and that you didn’t definitively know anything. Basically that you were full of shit. So sorry bro, but this isn’t how the media works in 2013. Watchdogs don’t forget, they watchdog, that’s  their job. Its in my blood. #WOOF.



I’m putting myself on the record as saying that if Trestman is hired next week I actually sort of like it. Change of pace. Cerebral Offensive thinker. Quarterback guy. Head Coaching experience. Everyone can freak out about the CFL thing but if you can make Rich Gannon an MVP  that alone should get you a head coaching job.