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Penn State AD Says It's 'Unclear' If There Was Even a Vote to Postpone Big Ten Football Season

The hits just keep coming for new Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren. After the conference supposedly took a vote to cancel the 2020 football season — a decision many feel was made prematurely — Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour said it is "unclear" if there was ever even a formal vote. Several reporters have said Barbour is not the only person from the conference that has shared that sentiment.

This weekend, it was reported that the original report of a 12-2 vote had actually been 8-6 — and now it's unclear if a vote ever happened at all.

Amid all the uncertainty, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields released a petition this weekend to reinstate the Big Ten season which has accumulated almost 250,000 signatures. Parents of players from teams across the conference have sent letters to schools and the league to reconsider its decision.

It's unclear if the Big ten could even reverse its decision at this point if it wanted to, but with the ACC, SEC and Big 12 moving forward with football seasons for now, it begs the question what medical advice those leagues are receiving that's different than what caused the Big Ten to cancel its season.

But if there wasn't ever even really a vote, maybe the Big Ten season remains on life support. If there wasn't a vote, take a vote. I have a feeling the results might be different this time.