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In Honor Of the 13-Year Anniversary of 'Superbad', What Are The 3 Best Apatow Movies?

It makes me feel insanely old, but it is factually true that this amazing movie turned 13 today. Not only is it one of my favorite comedies ever, it's currently at #23 of my all time ranking!

And now that my shameless plug for our website is done, I can tell you how timeless I think it really is. A lot of comedies, especially ones that were released in that 2000-2010 golden era, are sort of disappointing upon rewatch. A perfect example is the movie we reviewed on today's episode of LCB, 'Waiting…'. I hadn't seen it since high school, but remembered it being a pleasant, funny movie that I enjoyed! Well, rewatching it fired a fucking nuclear torpedo right into that opinion, because it was not only much less funny than I remembered, but extremely off putting. Remember when the half the movie was Ryan Reynolds and David Koechner hitting on a 17 year old? And the formers only characterization comes in the form of realizing that having sex with minors is wrong? I sure didn't remember. 

Anyway, Superbad is one movie that has stood the test of time in a great way. There is a reference here or there that might date it a little, but the core humor in every single line is timeless. Not to mention it is simply a perfectly cast movie. Hill and Cera are the best leads you could ask for in a comedic, coming-of-age movie, and the tertiary characters (namely Rogen and Hader) are unbeatable. Not only is the actual movie a great rewatch, but I highly recommend watching the blooper reel as well. 

Why the fuck did Hanson show up to the premiere of this movie??

Anyway, let's do a little ranking. Apatow basically owned the market of 2000's comedies, so this should be a hard 3 to pick. Am I taking some liberties by calling some of these "Apatow" movies? Sure, but it makes for a harder ranking, don't it? Click HERE if the form doesn't work on your device.