Great Video: A Young LeBron Was Called For A Travel And He Did Not Handle It Well


What an awesome video. Glad to see pops here not letting his kid get away with those LeBron-esque antics. If you take 15 steps on your drive to the hoop, you're going to get whistled for it. Sorry, thems the rules, kiddo. And his reaction is so priceless. 



Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.


But all jokes aside, remember this blog when this kid is taken 1st overall in the 2035 NBA draft. Dude's just a walking bucket.




Like seriously, how is this kid so good at basketball?!?!?!?!?

And THIS???



I'm 99.9% certain this 3 year old can beat me at any sport. Can't legally drive a car though, so HAH. Good luck hitting the gas and seeing over the steering wheel. And last night I had cookies and ice cream for dinner so who really is the winner here? Yep, still you.