FUCK YES!!! Carlos Rodon Named Saturday's Starter Vs. Cincinnati

Finally. And I don’t mean finally as in “what the fuck were Hahn and Co. waiting for”, either. I mean finally as in, “the Sox will now have their 4 best pitchers in the rotation at the same time.” The Carlos Rodon era has officially begun on the South Side…. Maybe.

Now here’s the catch – we all knew Rodon was being groomed to be the Sox #1B behind Sale. As of now he’s only starting because shark dropped the appeal to his suspension. Does Rodon only make one start, assume his role as a long reliever, or do Hahn and Ventura put their money where their mouth is and keep him in the rotation and bump Danks or Noesi to the pen? I guess we’ll find out.

As much as it pains Sox fans to see John Danks and his 86MPH heater toe the rubber every 5 days, I totally respect the organizations decision to tread very carefully on limiting Rodon’s innings early in the year. The Sox, though their record indicates the complete opposite, are all in on being a contender right now. The last thing they want to happen is go by way of the Nationals and have to shut down Rodon like Strasburg when he was a rookie, especially if the Sox are in the hunt.

Here’s to hoping Rodon takes this opportunity and runs with it. The Sox have the best 1-4 in the AL Central if he pitches like he’s capable of. There is no denying that. A ton of season left, and I still have my homer faith the Sox are gonna catch fire, and if they do Rodon is gonna be a huge reason why.

Now sit back, and enjoy some vines of Rodon making major league hitters look like assholes: