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'Ain't No Curses' - Devin Booker (Probably), After Dominating The NBA Bubble And Then Immediately Going To Dinner With Kendall Jenner

Does this look like a man scared of some Kardashian curse? Let me quote Friday Night Lights here: 

Can't be a Kardashian curse when you're dating a Jenner. Sure, you could point at Ben Simmons but I'll just argue that's a man who can't shoot a basketball. That's not a curse. That's just a lack of talent. Book is just flirting with the curse though since he's going to dinner with Kendall and Kylie. Just laughing it in the face. Then again when you dominate the NBA bubble, become the talk of the league and do shit like this, you can get away with that. 

This isn't necessarily a new thing either. Book and Kendall Jenner have been rumored together for a little bit now and I actually called it the smartest thing he could do. 

The Suns needed a miracle to even be alive in the playoffs. They went 8-0! You know what people are talking about? That. Not the fact they missed the playoffs still, but the fact they went 8-0, they have this star, they have this core that can grow together. He was playing with house money. They didn't have to make the playoffs. He was avoiding the Kardashian curse right away. If anything, I'm starting to think Kendall Jenner has the opposite effect. 

Also just kinda worth it because Kendall Jenner is fucking hot and you can't even disagree with that



Devin Booker going from getting his car licked by girls at Kentucky to Kendall Jenner. Some dudes have all the luck … and the prettiest looking shot.