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Does Everyone Remember The Last Time A Philadelphia Superstar Had a Season Ending Knee Injury Right Before The Playoffs?

Anyone else feeling Deja Vu? I mean come on, this has to be history repeating itself right? Probably not, considering the Eagles were undoubtedly the best team in the league before Wentz went down and the Sixers were certified garbage before Simmons went down, but still it's gotta give you chills. 

Realistically, the only chance the Sixers have is if Jo plays out of his damn mind for 4 games. Having Embiid gives us a monstrous advantage in that matchup, but we're getting absolutely smoked all across the board elsewhere. The Celtics backcourt is going to dominate. I love Shake, but I have nightmares about what Kemba is going to do to that man in a 7 game series. Jo must be doing Jo-like things all series.

Our bench has actually been playing really well and I think we'll see a lot of Alec Burks, who has probably been our most consistent backcourt scorer since the restart. I also think Mattisse will get a lot of opportunities early to see how he can matchup against the multitude of Boston wings that we need to try and slow down. Our odds are stacked against us and it's going to be an uphill battle but I don't know fuck it, I'm a Philly fan and I can talk myself into anything. 

Sixers in 6

....Maybe Celtics in 5