Umpire Tim Timmons Dropped A Hall Of Fame F-Bomb While Ejecting Rod Gardenhire From Yesterday's Tigers Game

There are two types of people in this world: Idiots like me that giggle at hearing a grown man curse during a baseball game because you aren't "supposed" to curse on live TV and Hardos that call people like me idiots for laughing at such a stupid thing. Both groups aren't wrong and I have no problem with either point of view. 

That being said, as a fan of all sorts of cursing, I have to tip my cap to Tim Timmons for executing that F-Bomb to perfection. He had the perfect tone for his "Get the" lead in, crescendoed with a ruthless "FUCK", then subtly tailed off with the outta here. Textbook execution from beginning to end to go along with driving countless Tigers fans nuts after Cameron Maybin was tossed for some "choice words".

Again, all this shit is stupid and sophomoric and yada yada yada. But so is living and dying with how a bunch of strangers perform while playing a kids game. If MLB was smart, they would allow more hot mic situations like this to be broadcast uncut to the gut until we inevitably get something close to the infamous Ass In The Jackpot rant.

BONUS Tim Timmons Fun Fact Of The Day: Tim's middle name is Forbes

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And that was your Tim Timmons Fun Fact Of The Day!