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This Dad Calling A Travel On His Little Kid Is The Type Of Parenting We Need More Of In The World

Curtis Allen is an assistant hoops coach at Pepperdine and more importantly one of the best fathers these eyes have ever seen. Most dads would let these two kids figure it out, oh they are just youngsters we don't need a travel call. Nope, Curtis Allen does the right thing. He takes away the hoop and stands his ground on the travel call. Can't be letting your kid getting away with an egregious 6 steps to the hoop. Not in this house, not in that house. 

That said, I also respect the fuck out of this kid. He hates refs and that's my kinda person. Never committed a foul, never committed a walk. He's gotta stand his ground and argue with anyone blowing a whistle in his face. Love how he immediately came over the top with screaming. That lets you know he's in a world of getting multiple technical fouls and I respect the hell out of that. 

Sidenote - the older brother got BAILED out with the travel call. What kind of defense was that my man? You can't be getting burnt by your little brother. Give him a shove at a minimum and take the hard foul. Can't rely on the whistle to bail you out. Get in a stance and make the little brother earn his bucket. 

This video does warm my heart though. I know it's going to surprise the comment section but I am a dad and I literally just ordered my kid his first hoop for his first birthday yesterday. I can't wait for it to get here and for him to turn 1 in 3 weeks so I can immediately use him as a shitty defender. If you're a dad and you aren't drop stepping your kid in the paint to a dunk, what are you even doing? You have two jobs, that and then call travels when they get older. Then the moment you realize you can't drop step them anymore and lose that first step, you start using elbows during their teenage years on the driveway. That's how you be a dad.