The Washington Football Team Have Hired The NFL's First Black President, Jason Wright



Well god damn, this team cannot stop making good decisions. Bravo to them. Somewhere in a padded room Dan Snyder must be losing his mind, because the WFT is on an unprecedented streak of making smart choices and good hires, save for Terry Bateman. In my entire existence, the WFT has never made 1 good hire, nevermind multiple, in the same offseason. We've been on a nonstop loop of Vinny Cerrato and Bruce Allen, and now finally have a guy in there who (let's pray) won't drop to his knees and praise Dan Snyder at any given moment.

Knowing literally nothing else about Jason Wright outside of those Schefter tweets, he he already a massive upgrade over Cerrato/Allen. The interesting part is of course how much Dan Snyder lets him actually do his job. We all know that at the end of the day, this is still Lil Dan Dan's team. He still has a massive ego. He still will try his best to stick his nose in other people's business. And he's been known to fire people who don't bow down to him. The trillion dollar question will always be "can Dan Snyder change?". Let us pray he can.