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Of Course Joakim Noah Is Burning Sage While Wandering The Halls Of The Clippers Hotel For Good Luck

Pray for the rest of the league, you just can't bounce back from this. The Clippers have too much good juju going with Joakim Noah. The man is the perfect fit for this team. He doesn't have to do anything but be Joakim Noah. And if that means wandering the halls at God knows what time burning sage for good luck, I'm going to bet the Clippers to win the whole damn thing. The only thing missing from this video was Lou Williams sitting with the door open eating Magic City wings. I 100% expected that at some point. 

I can only wonder what is going through Kawhi's head as this is happening. I assume he's sitting in his room in complete silence, probably watching game film and he smells something weird. Pokes his head out of the room and just sees a shirtless Joakim Noah wandering aimlessly around the hallway burning sage. That's what I want to see the most. Give me Kawhi's honest reaction to this as it's happening. 

The Lakers are in disarray with Dwight Howard's anti-vaccine comments. The Bucks are falling apart in the bubble. Meanwhile the Clippers have Joakim Noah and sage. Clips in 4.