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Someone Remind Me On Friday That The Indians Have Beat The Tigers 20 Straight Times

Winning 1 game happens every single night. Winning 5 in a row is a trend. 10 in a row is a heater. But 20? That's no coincidence. 20 is a LOCK. The Cleveland Indians have beaten the Detroit Tigers 20 straight times. I simply cannot comprehend how that is true, but it is. Dating all the way back to April 11th of last year....

April 11: 4-0 W

June 14: 13-4 W

June 15: 4-0 W

June 16: 8-0 W

June 21: 7-6 W

June 22: 2-0 W

June 23: 8-3 W

July 15: 8-6 W

July 16: 8-0 W

July 17: 7-2 W

July 18: 6-3 W

Aug. 27: 10-1 W

Aug. 28: 4-2 W

Aug. 29: 2-0 W

Sept. 17: 7-2 W

Sept. 18: 2-1 W

Sept. 19: 7-0 W

Aug. 14: 10-5 W

Aug. 15: 3-1 W

Aug. 16: 8-5 W

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. And it's absolutely insane not to be betting on the Indians moneyline every time these two teams take the field until this streak stops. If I were on Picks Central, I would go out and buy a calendar right now and start circling dates of when these two teams play next.



A 3 game series in Cleveland. And I really don't think the juice is going to be that bad, especially for a team that's beaten the other 20 straight times. First of all, the Tigers avoid Bieber. He's going Thursday. Plutko is on the mound Friday. We don't have a starter listed for Saturday because Clevinger and Plesac are grounded. And then Carrasco is going Sunday. If there's a time to beat the Indians pitching staff, it's against this crew.

BUT, I'm still betting Indians this weekend. With 20 wins in a row, you just have to. That's the 2nd craziest stat I've ever seen, only because I saw this one this morning…. 

Lol, what? If the Indians score 3 runs, they win. 100% of the time. Holy smokes does this team just need a couple more average bats in the lineup. Not good bats, just average bats. We just can't have our catcher hitting .080 on the year and we'd be 22-0.