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People Saying We Need To Put An Asterisk On This NBA Title Are Absolute Buffoons*

I decided to wait to write this blog until today when the playoffs are starting so pardon me for not citing my work and putting in a million tweets from buffoons. The fact is the talk has been there needs to be an asterisk on the NBA title and the NBA playoffs this year because of the weird season. 

No. You are an idiot if you think that. Each one of these teams are playing the same game, with the same weird season, with the same option of having guys sit out and play. Not to mention, there really hasn't been that big of a loss in terms of a player. Yeah, I know Avery Bradley is sitting out, but Avery Bradley isn't the make or break guy if the Lakers win a title - even if Avery Bradley was ranked ahead of John Wall on ESPN's recruiting rankings. 

I'm not saying this title is normal, but neither was the Spurs in 1999 during a lockout year. We still count that. We still give them that title. There's no asterisk. The same goes here. We're playing best out-of-7 series just like normal. We're watching the stars close out games, just like normal. We're going to watch teams slow the game down and play more halfcourt, just like normal. The only thing not normal is games on in the afternoon (which is awesome) and the neutral court. I don't even hate the neutral court! We're going to see who the best team is. That's how the playoffs are set up. 

So, yeah, I'm going to sit back enjoy some damn afternoon playoff hoops and get in fights with people who say this deserves an asterisk. I'm not even sorry, I can't wait. 

*Unless the Celtics win. If that happens we put an asterisk on the NBA title.