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The Lakers Are Going To Wear Their 'Black Mamba' Jerseys For The Playoffs If They Beat The Blazers And They Are Absolute Fire

I'm a pretty firm believer that the Lakers should never touch their uniforms. They should just wear the purple and gold with the white jerseys on home Sundays. That's it. They are one of the few franchises in all of sports that doesn't need to do anything, they don't need a gimmick or anything like that when it comes to jerseys. That said, these Black Mamba jerseys - obviously in honor of Kobe - are fire. There's something about the yellow/gold touch to a black jersey that is one of my favorites. 

Here's my question though - why the hell are the Lakers waiting for the second round to do this? Why not wear these to start the playoffs? There's nothing significant about the conference semifinals. Shit, all everyone can talk about is Dame Lillard this, Dame Lillard that. You should be rocking these for the entire playoffs or wait until the NBA Finals. Those are the only two options. 

And just looking at the picture of LeBron and Kobe, there's still no jersey as bad as the NBA making sleeves. I hate them so much. Call me old fashioned, but jerseys need to be the old school style and only that way. The t-shirt ones are flat out stupid. The sleeve jerseys also just look uncomfortable. If you're playing hoops with sleeves, you need to go full Julius Hodge and wear the baggiest t-shirt under the jersey look you can possibly have. Quick sidenote, my all-baggy t-shirt team from college:

Khalid El-Amin, Mike Gansey, Julius Hodge, Adam Morrison, Austin Daye. Honorable mentions to Doug McDermott (not long enough sleeves), Keith Van Horn, Jason Kidd.

It's been said on Twitter thousands of times, it's 1) still crazy that Kobe died and 2) that feels like years ago when it was just the start of 2020.