Wake Up With Some Tennessee Whiskey By Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton is so good at Country Music that he can look like Christ Stapleton and still be considered one of the best country music artists. I don't say that to be mean about Chris Stapleton. I say that in clear awareness of the circumstances surrounding country music stardom. There's the teeny bopper radio stuff. There's the good old fashioned hillbilly stuff. You got the big names and the Big & Rich shit of the world. And then basically standing alone in the corner is the best voice hidden behind 5 raw feet of beard and hair combo.

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He's so fucking good. People need to talk about him more. This is me talking about him more. I'm a huge Chris Stapleton guy. You should be too. And after a long weekend with The Wonton Don that involved much boozing and even more (responsible) boozing, nothing sets the tone for me on a Monday quite like some Tennessee Whiskey. Get the vibes going early and often boys because this is going to be a big week. Are schools still open? Are the Blackhawks making a legendary comeback? Are the Cubs going down in September for the 3rd year in a row? So much good shit to be answered and nothing makes me ready for the challenge like some easy listening from the present day country music GOAT.  

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