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Damian Lillard Dropped A New Rap Song Called 'Live From The Bubble' With Two Other Blazers Just Hours After They Made The Playoffs

I know Dame is a respected rapper now and brought all his stuff to record in the bubble. But the fact he dropped this just hours after the Blazers became the 8 seed and beat the Grizzlies in the play-in game makes it even better. Actually, this line really sold it for me: 

'Remind me of prep school, no women.' 

Just a brutally honest statement from the bubble. They could have talked about how Dame was the bubble MVP and the reason the Blazers became the 8 seed, but nope they focused on what everyone is talking about. Shit, the NBA had to make a strict no Instagram models rule because of this. 

So instead of partying like teams would if they have a big win, they are just going to Dame's room to record songs. What a bizarre ass time in the bubble. That said, the song isn't that bad. You're talking about Dame and then Nasir Little and Gary Trent - two dudes who are not rappers. 

Even more than that, what a run for Dame. From missing the two free throws vs the Clippers to fighting with Paul George/Pat Bev to making roughly - and I'm being conservative here - his next 4,200 shots in a row to now dropping a 4-track EP from the bubble. Oh, not to mention him fighting Skip Bayless. The dude is on fire. I'm starting to like the Blazers chances more and more here.