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We Should Have Realized Michael Porter Jr. Was Going To Be A Star When He Got Caught Checking Out Chicks In The Stands While Sitting On Mizzou's Bench

Gets me every time. Sure, we could point at the fact that MPJ was a top-rated recruit. We could point at the fact that he was literally given star potential for years. But, nope, this let me know all I needed to back then. I don't even care if Porter had nothing better to do because he simply was not allowed to play. You get caught sitting on the bench pointing out what blonde got your eye during the damn Kentucky game, you're going to be a star. 

And it's starting to pay off for MPJ too. He's going to start for the Nuggets in the playoffs, especially with the Nuggets not having Will Barton/Gary Harris. He gives them that 3rd big time scorer/threat on the offensive side to go with Murray/Jokic. And look at what he did in the bubble - played 7 games, 25+ minutes in each of them, double digit scoring in each of them and 20+ points in 4 of them. Not too shabby! 

'So many baddies in here bro' - every college basketball and football player, at every stadium.