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Scene Straight Out of PCU - Protesters Gathering In Large Groups To Protest Gathering In Large Groups

Probably dating myself with the PCU reference here. Even though it's not on the LCB Database (which is fuckin phenomenal btw) it's a great fuckin movie. But for the new school Stoolies whose nuts haven't dropped yet, they probably have zero clue what I'm talking about. Watch it on Prime video. 

Here's today's scene right out of a movie. But in 2020 real life.  

These people are against people gathering (to vote in person) so they're gathering to prove their point. Pretty ingenious. 

p.s. - I think everybody's become numb to just what exactly, and how many things trigger people nowadays. It's everything. Literally everything. Thinking of having Welker design a shirt that just says "I'm Triggered" on it. The cream puffs can buy them unironically and the people with brains can buy them sarcastically. Will probably sell a billion.