Si Woo Kim Proves Once Again That Golfers Are Elite Athletes

What a run its been for professional golfers proving the h8ers and losers wrong when they say golfers aren't athletes.

First we had the great Tiger Woods snatching golf balls outta the air while holding a tee between his fingers a couple weeks ago 

Then just yesterday we had Kevin Kisner perfect his putting stroke with state-of-the-art harnesses

And now today we've got Si Woo Kim teeing up a ball without bending over and using his hands 

Incredible. Of the three, what Si Woo Kim was able to pull off there is likely the hardest. He made it look so much easier than it actually is. Try it the next time you're at the driving range. I bet you'll have far more trouble with it than you think. And yes, catching a golf ball while holding a tee between your fingers is still one of the greatest athletic achievements of our lifetime, but teeing up a ball using only your foot and the club is right up there too. Just so many athletic accomplishments coming from professional golfers these days that it's hard to keep up. Like I said, the h8ers are very quiet right now.