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Jimmy Butler Doing Jimmy Butler Things: Making His Own Coffee And Charging Players $20 Per Cup In The Bubble

I know people can be split on Jimmy Butler but I personally find him fucking hilarious. This is just a very Jimmy Butler thing. Of course he wants to open up his own coffee shop when he retires. I can't pinpoint it exactly, but it just feels correct. But the actual most Jimmy Butler thing here is 'cash only' and 'no I.O.U.s' on his board. That man wants to get paid right this second and give you a cup of coffee. I don't even hate his strategy. Everyone in the bubble is a millionaire like he says, they can afford the $20 so you overcharge. Know your audience and no one knows their audience better than Jimmy Butler apparently. 

I still can't get over this whole bubble life. It's perfect. It really has turned into like 5-Star or an expanded AAU Tournament. Between the stories on Twitter, teams helping each other just by running into each other at the pool and coaches begging players to stop being friends now that it's the playoffs, it's adult summer camp. I kinda want to see what the next season looks like if they start it in the bubble or 4 bubbles like they've talked about. It's been A+ content to go with some pretty awesome games. 

Oh and $20 per cup of coffee? Everyone has paid that at least once in their life or thought about it. You're desperate. You're hungover and tired. You have nowhere else to go. Sometimes you just don't even think about it and just pay whatever amount for whatever you're craving. Credit to Jimmy Butler on this one.