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Stipe Miocic Puts An End To The Career Of Daniel Cormier In An INCREDIBLE Fight

WHAT A FIGHT!!! Miocic and Cormier just lived up to all the hype and more!!

We gotta run over to the post-fight press conference over at the media tent now, so this is gonna be another blog on the briefer side of things, but I just wanted to give Stipe and DC props right away because that fight was an absolute war. There were just incredible exchanges throughout where MASSSSSIVE blows were being landed and eaten by both men. I couldn't believe my eyes. Cormier couldn't see outta his!

This was the longest (and best) fight of the entire heavyweight championship trilogy, and went to a decision in the end - one that all three judges gave to the champ unanimously. I personally had Cormier winning the first and fifth rounds, and Miocic winning the second, third, and fourth - but Daniel has anything to be ashamed of after that performance. He showed that championship heart we know and love him for throughout, and finished his career strong - even with that wonky eye!

One thing I found strange was DC's lack of takedown attempts, especially following the eye poke, but I ain't a coach so I'm not gonna sit here and backseat fight for him.

Congratulations to Miocic on the win, and Cormier on the phenomenal career - go enjoy retirement, king!!!