Getting Caught In The Crucifix Position In MMA Certainly Seems Like It's The Worst Experience Ever

Yeeeeaaaaah, I'm gonna go ahead and assume Herbert Burns might be wakin up with a migraine tomorrow! Pineda used his head like a fuckin whack-a-mole there! Plus, because Burns missed weight, 20% of his pay tonight will go to his opponent. Brutal.

Apologies for the lack of blogs tonight folks! I usually try to take over the main site on fight night and overload the blog with highlights, knockouts, submissions, and anything else I'd deem "blog-worthy", but we're sorta lacking them thus far! There's been some great fights for sure, just not a ton of flashy over-the-top moments. Hopefully our final three bouts of then evening change that.

Here's some clips/stuff from tonight....