Reader Email - My Buddy Got Dumped So He Hopped On The First Flight To Vegas And Did Beer Bongs On The Plane

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Reader Email

My buddy recently broke up with his girlfriend and decided to visit his brother in Vegas. This is how he started his trip. We didn’t believe him when he said he was going to do it.


What a move. Guy is an inspiration to us all. Girlfriend dumps you? Don’t just sit in your apartment stewing in your misery, logging into her Facebook and checking all her messages, snooping on her Twitter DMs. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and hop on the first flight to Las Vegas. Oh and bring your beer bong and take it to the face from your aisle seat right before takeoff. Breakup, what breakup?

PS – Love how nobody on the plane flinches or even cares in the slightest. And why would they? It’s a flight to Vegas. Only one person in the world would be upset something like this happening on a flight to Vegas.

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