How About This Dude Who Pretended He Was In Leonardo DiCaprio's Entourage And Met EVERYONE At Mayweather/Pacquiao

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(Source)A blagger pretended to be part of Leonardo DiCaprio’s entourage to get ringside at the ‘fight of the century’ and was even defended by Floyd Mayweather after he was rumbled by security. Steve Carruthers, 24, from Hull in East Yorkshire, put on his best suit and waited outside the MGM Grand Garden Arena ahead of Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather’s big fight on Saturday. When he spotted the A-list actor he followed behind his team straight into the VIP bar, where he mingled with the likes of Christian Bale, Donald Trump, Michael Keaton and Paris Hilton. Even after the fight he thought he’d try his luck once more in a bid to meet the fighting legends and joined journalists filtering past security teams and waiting outside their dressing rooms. But the business graduate, who is on a six-week trip to the U.S., was caught out by the MGM security team when he asked Mayweather for an autograph. He thought his luck was up but to Mr Carruthers’ surprise Mayweather turned to one of the guard’s and said ‘I’ve got him’, before inviting him to his press conference and posing for photos.

God I wish I wasn’t such a pussy. I feel like nowadays there’s one of these stories after every single big event: some nobody sneaks into the VIP section and is rubbing shoulders with every A lister in the world (save for Tom Brady). It really doesn’t seem hard at all. And here’s the thing, I guarantee if you get me close to these people for any extended period of time then I can close the deal and permanently get in their entourage. It’s like with girls: if you see me on the street, you’re unimpressed by my looks. If you see me in the bar, you’re unimpressed by my dance moves and money. But if you have no choice but to sit there and talk to me for an hour I think you’re gonna like me. Same deal with celebrities. Round 1 Marky Mark is wondering who the fuck this poor and ugly idiot is, round 12 he’s inviting me on awesome vacations and asking me to be the Turtle in his entourage. I guarantee it.

PS – Cool move by Mayweather to get this guy’s back. Not such a bad dude when you really think about it.