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Which Three 2007 Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

Column A: I am Legend has the dog scene and Transformers brought Megan Fox to my 14 year old self's attention. Ratatouille has a cooking rat. Sorry, rodent, but you're out of here.

Column B: No Country is the best neo-western ever made and my personal #1 overall. There Will Be Blood is fucking unreal as well and features a top 2 DDL performance which is extremely high praise. Zodiac is the odd man out, which fucking sucks. It's arguably Fincher's best and it's literally my third favorite out of this group of 9. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. 

Column C: Juno without blinking. It's funny, sharp and sweet in only a way Reitman could do, but again it's the odd man out. Superbad is untouchable and Hot Fuzz is fucking hysterical/infinitely quotable. 

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