What Do You Do When a Woman Starts Giving Someone a Foot Massage on a Plane?

Lock her up.

It should be an enumerated federal statute that giving a foot massage — across rows — on a commercial aircraft is punishable by up to three years in prison. There is simply no place for this in society.

This is a horrifying act no matter when it would have taken place, but take a look at the masks, folks. This isn't some recycled video. This happened in the middle of a pandemic! There are people literally dying from germs being spread from person to person and this woman is handing out foot massages on a crowded flight?

I'm generally not one to say anything yo people in public about stuff that's bothering me because I'd rather just not have to deal with others unless absolutely necessary, but I would certainly be doing something about this situation. That just can't happen.

I'm honestly more upset with the people who let this go on than the people engaging in the foot massage. Insane people don't know they're insane — that's why they don't stop being insane. It's up to those of us of sound mind to let these people know that this kind of behavior is not tolerable in a society. And yet, this woman goes on giving her foot massage on an airplane with impunity.

If you see behavior like this, please stop it before it has the chance to end up on Instagram.