"I've Got $100 Million And I'm 21 Years Old- What Am I Doing?" Mike Tyson Talks With Waka Flocka About Wealth, Happiness, And Drugs

I always feel guilty about blogging Tyson because I feel like I do it too much, but every one of his stories is so interesting that I can't help myself. When an interview starts with "I did so much ecstasy and cocaine I would hallucinate" I'm automatically locked in for the duration. People give Mike Tyson shit for being inarticulate, but if you listen to what he actually says, it's incredible. Even in the conversation with Waka he's saying things like, "life is about killing yourself and dying to live." What does that even mean? I think I get it, but then again...not really. 

And how about Waka saying he took three ecstasy pills per day from 2004 to 2012? If my math is correct that adds up to ~8760 pills. Poor guy's brain must look like Swiss cheese. Although my favorite part of the interview comes at 3:50 when Tyson starts laughing about being so fucked up. What a legend. 

There's a lot packed into those eight minutes and fifteen seconds so if you have the time I highly recommend giving it a listen. If not, here's something else you may enjoy. Take it away Waka...