550 Canadians Were Exposed To Coronavirus Thanks To A Dancer At A Toronto Strip Club

This is just really rough news.....for the stripper dancer (we don't call them strippers anymore, you bigot). She was just trying to get her money during a pandemic and ended up with COVID-19.

For the 550 other people? I don't feel bad. At all. Well, at least the group of people who went to the strip club that aren't workers. If you are so horny that you have to go to a strip club right now, you have to understand the risks you are taking. I don't wish COVID-19 on my worse enemy, but actions have consequences and going to a strip club during a global pandemic? That is an action with potentially massive consequences. 

According to my research, The Brass Rail (the strip club in question) is the #1 strip club in Toronto, so at least these fellas got to experience the best strippers dancers that Toronto has to offer.