Feel Good Friday Video: Joe Rogan Petting His Very Excited Dog Marshall

I'll be honest, there hasn't been a ton to blog about today. Barstool Sports is lighting the internet on fire from Miley Cyrus to Elon Musk but no other place on the internet is making much news. So when that video of Joe Rogan petting his dog Marshall came across my desk I decided it was going up on the blog. It's a feel good Friday video if there ever was one. Impossible to watch that video and not smile. Golden retrievers have to be the nicest animals on the planet, right? I don't even know what other animal is in the running. Golden retrievers are so nice and friendly I'm surprised they don't shit rainbows. Try and think of the last time you saw a sad golden retriever. I'll wait. I'll be waiting until I'm dead because you won't be able to think of a time you saw a sad golden retriever. They are incapable of unhappiness. And then you have to imagine Joe Rogan's golden retriever is in the top 1% of happy golden retrievers because he gets to live in a huge mansion and eat grilled meats all day. Joe Rogan's golden retriever Marshall for sure eats better than all of us. That's just a fact.

Anyway. Enjoy that video and enjoy your Friday.