The Genius Idea We Need Right Now: A Houston Company Is Pitching A 20-Team College Hoops 'Battle In The Bubble' Event For December

[Source] - A blueprint to play nonconference games inside a bubble went out to 50 teams this week. Rhossi Carron, who runs the U-Sports Group, a Houston-based sporting event company that is scheduled to host two nonconference events this season in Texas, has a proposal for the “Battle in the Bubble.” It would include 20 schools, with each team playing eight nonconference games and a scrimmage over three weeks in December in Houston.

Rhossi’s hope is that the college basketball season is able to go off as scheduled with teams crisscrossing the country to play each other on campuses and in multi-team events such as the two he has booked. The reality, however, is that it has become obvious in recent weeks that there’s a need for contingency plans, and the NBA has proven the bubble model is the safest way to hold games. Rhossi says he has heard back from 20-plus schools that have expressed some level of interest — including 12 at the high-major level.

“I’m getting good enough feedback that if it works out I’d consider a second session to accommodate more teams,” Rhossi said.

I don't want to freak out a bit too much here, but I want to be best friends with Rhossi Carron, who I'm willing to call a genius. These are the type of people we need around college hoops. What a goddamn genius idea, along with the fact U-Sports Group already runs events. This is the perfect mix of what we need with college hoops in limbo. 

I think it's pretty safe to say events like the Maui and Battle 4 Atlantis are all but done for the season. So combine it all here in Houston. If the plan is to get 20 teams, take 2 from the major 6 conferences and then 8 elsewhere. Split the teams from each conference into division 1 and division 2 and give us the unique matchups we all want to see. Shit, give us the games we want to see but won't be played. Give us a Xavier vs Dayton or a Missouri vs Kansas, etc here. 

The fact is we need to think outside the box for this college hoops season. I said it earlier today, but it's happening. Everyone within the NCAA and coaches and AD's area ll talking about how we're going to have an NCAA Tournament no matter what, because they need the money. It's that important of a cash cow for the NCAA. So maybe we get some situations like this. Is it going to hurt low-majors? Absolutely. This will likely be made for mid-high majors. Although you could throw Howard in here and that would be awesome. 

I'm going to end every blog this way - it's time to save college hoops. Positive vibes only. We're going to fix this.