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Let's Discuss The King Of Bahrain's Robot Body Guard

Gonna be completely honest with you, I don't think about Bahrain often, however, this being the King of Bahrain's bodyguard? As YP pointed out, it's the ultimate flex.

This video comes to us from Dubai, because of course:

It sort of seems old? I don't see anybody with masks on, but it's Dubai we are talking about. They may have the cure to coronavirus for all we know. 

There are multiple things to dissect here. Let's start with the robot outfit. I mean the camo vest seems to be as pointless as it gets:

In the replies to our tweet, it was noted that this isn't a robot, but instead, there is somebody inside of it. 

Didn't need this nerd to ruin the viral tweet I put up on @BarstoolSports, but whatever. He's probably right.

This thing freaks me out. It looks like it's ready to hit the Thriller dance at all points and I don't trust it's technology. You're telling me this thing couldn't malfunction and start shooting multiple rounds via its pistol? I've watched probably 3 SyFi movies in my day and even I know that's how this story ends. This lady knows it too: