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Taking You Into The Weekend With The Best Of The Bubble Suns

While it sucks that the Suns won't be able to participate in the play in game against the Blazers (thanks a lot Bucks you dickheads), there are still a ton of positives to take away from their time in Orlando. Heading in I don't think it would be crazy to say they were mostly considered a joke, a team that made the bubble be default because the league was trying to bend over backwards to find a way to get Zion into the playoffs. Well, they leave the bubble with a whole new narrative. They are very much not a joke, in fact it's the exact opposite. They were the best team in the bubble from start to finish, made NBA history with their 8-0 finish, and are now entering next season with some real expectations to actually be in the top 8 come next playoffs. 

When you look at how the team performed, the play they got from the entire roster is pretty ridiculous 

How many other teams had a total of 5 rotation players all shoot over 50% and then two more shoot 48%? Not only that, but they also had 5 guys shoot at least 40% from three taking a legit amount from deep! I don't know what clicked for this group but they need to find a way to bottle that shit and save it for later. Unfortunately they could have used some of that shooting earlier in the year and then they probably aren't even in this position today. 

So while I feel for Suns fans and how bummed they must be, look at this as a positive. It truly looks like there is something real unfolding in the desert and for the first time in a long time there is reason to be optimistic as a Suns fan. That's why it only makes sense that we celebrate them going into the weekend. What a run.