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Here's Nick Foles Trying Not To Look Terrified With His New Teammates In St. Louis


Footlong Foles looking FRESH while participating in the easiest Where’s Waldo game in history. How tight were Nicky’s buttcheeks clenched trying not to be awkward AF? Put a piece of coal in his cheecks and you’d have a diamond by the time this was uploaded to IG. Maybe if there was a little more cream in that Oreo he’d look more relaxed, but nope. Foles was fed to the wolves in this shot. His only comfort is he’s easily packing the most heat in the flock, and everyone knows it. Nick Folds has already established Prima Nocta in that locker room.

But good on Foles for making friends. Dave Chappelle said it best: Never mess with the one white guy in a group of black friends. You don’t know what kind of crazy shit he’s done to get those black dude’s respect.