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Matthew Tkachuk Teaches Us Why If You Want To Win The Cup, You Might Want To Wear One

Playoff hockey, baby.

Every kid who grows up playing hockey dreams about one day hoisting the Stanley Cup over their head. They work their entire lives just to get a crack at it. So if that means you have to receive an impromptu vasectomy along the way, then that's a small price to pay to get your name etched into that Cup for all of eternity. 

With that being said…you might want to throw a cup on for the playoffs. Just because in a 7-game series, it's going to get greasy out there. The refs suck at their jobs for the majority of the year but they really suck at it come the playoffs. You're going to take a Bauer Supreme or 7 to the dick at some point throughout the series. That much is a guaranteed fact. It's playoff hockey and cup checks are fair game. 

Sidenote: It's very out of character for Jamie Benn to go down on someone like that. The least Matty Tkachuk can do is return the favor. Don't be selfish, bud. Little 69 never hurt nobody.