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Tony Allen Yelling "First Team All Defense" Over And Over While He Locked The Warriors Down Last Night Was Phenomenal





Can we get Tony Allen Mic’d Up for every game because that was awesome. Simple and awesome. Create a turnover, First Team All Defense. Steal the ball and dunk? First Team All Defense. Just the perfect trash talk. Nothing cheap, nothing below the belt, just wants to remind you that when you come in to Tony Allen’s house, you’ll be hanging with First Team All Defense alllll night long. So what if he only scored 9 points, First Team All Defense.






This is how you get to First Team All Defense. The old “not touching you, not touching you, not touching you” move. Tony Allen is that crafty vet at your pick up game. Banks all his shots in, does all the little things to drive you nuts, and ends up running 7 straight games in a row with his team because no one can beat them.